How can speech therapy help?

Speech pathologists can help people both young and old with a variety of social communication skills.

Evidence Based Practice

At ClearConvo, we use only evidence-based interventions to address social communication challenges in adults, teenagers and school aged children.

Experience You Can Trust

The ClearConvo team is experienced in addressing the social communication challenges of children and adults. Andrea, our senior practice leader has advanced knowledge in developing her client's social skills and has been providing this support since 2007. Andrea has provided assessment and intervention in hospitals, homes, schools, and community settings from the sub-acute rehabilitation stage through to the chronic stage for individuals of all ages.
Being able to understand facial expressions, tone of voice and body language
Understanding if someone is being genuine or sarcastic
Starting, maintaining and ending conversations
Understanding conversation 'rules'
Building friendship skills
Training communication partners (e.g., family and team members) to better support the communication skills of their loved one
Supporting the executive functions (e.g., organisation, planning, attention, problem solving, self-monitor future, goal-directed, behaviour)
Improving interviewing skills


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    ClearConvo gives you the clarity you need to succeed. Online speech therapy sessions for children and adults across Australia.
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