NDIS Speech Therapy

ClearConvo™ is a speech therapy service, providing assessments and treatment to both children and adults. We provide NDIS speech therapy services to NDIS participants anywhere in Australia via telehealth speech therapy sessions. We also provide mobile speech therapy for children in Brisbane's Western Suburbs.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides access to funding for people with disabilities (or their parents/carers) so they can access reasonable and necessary supports based on their needs from a provider they choose.

Why choose ClearConvo?

When you choose ClearConvo you can trust that only a senior speech pathologist will provide your speech therapy, using their extensive experience to help you achieve your communication goals.

NDIS and Private Clients

The majority of our clients are NDIS participants, which includes adults and children from 5 years of age.

Senior Speech Pathologists

You will only be seen by an experienced speech pathologist with at least 10 years of relevant experience.

No referral required

Simply contact us and we will gather your details and arrange a suitable time for your speech therapy sessions.

How does online speech therapy work?​

In an online speech therapy session (telehealth), your speech pathologist will provide you with a link in advance of your session. By simply clicking on this link with your computer, tablet or phone, you will be able to access your appointment. Your session will be delivered in real-time, just as it would in a face-to-face consultation. Your speech therapist will provide assessment and intervention with a variety of engaging strategies and interactive consultation.


Tell us about yourself.

    Would you consider telehealth (online speech therapy using Zoom) sessions? *

    NDIS Speech Therapy for Kids. A drawing of a boy and a girl at school talking outside while wearing backpacks.
    NDIS speech therapy for adults. A drawing depicting an adult who feels that he needs speech therapy.

    Contact our support team

    Call us on (07) 3703 1812 or feel free to send an email to support@clearconvo.com

    Speech Therapy

    ClearConvo provides speech therapy to children and adults across Australia via telehealth. We also provide mobile therapy appointments and school sessions for children in Brisbane's Western suburbs.
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