At ClearConvo, we offer several evidence-based literacy programs. We can provide you with a customised, evidence-based program to support the reading and writing needs of your loved one.

Can literacy intervention be done online?

All of our speech therapy interventions are suitable to be delivered both online and in person.
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How can a speech pathologist can help with literacy skills?

Speech pathologists can help people both young and old with a variety of literacy skills:
Developing phonological awareness skills
Developing decoding skills
Developing word attack skills
Developing spelling skills
Developing reading fluency skils
Developing comprehension skills
Building understanding of complex grammar and figurative language in writing
Using assistive technology to support reading and writing skills
Developing working memory skills to support reading, spelling, maths and organisation skills
Developing oral and written narrative skills
Developing vocabulary skills
Re-learning how to read when recovering from a stroke or brain injury


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