At ClearConvo, we strive to provide Neurodiverse Affirming speech therapy for Autistic people.

How can a speech pathologist help an Autistic person?

Autism is a dynamic disorder that looks different in everyone.

Evidence Based Practice

At ClearConvo, we use only evidence-based interventions to address communication and social interaction challenges in adults, teenagers and school aged children.

Experience You Can Trust

The ClearConvo team is experienced in supporting Autistic people.

Andrea Wilson is an experienced senior clinician with over 17 years of experience with the Neurodivergent population. Andrea continues to engage in ongoing professional development based on the latest Neurodivergent Affirming research.
Get tailored treatment goals to assist you or your loved one with:
Meeting your functional communication needs at work, school and home
Building and maintaining a social network that suits you best
Finding alternative ways to communicate without ‘masking’
Developing a personalised ‘toolbox’ of communication strategies that help you meet your goals
Supporting you to develop your self-advocacy, education and negotiation skills
Identifying and implementing supports for your sensory and self-regulation needs
Helping you to better read the emotions of others
Helping you to ‘read between the lines’ during conversations
Helping parents and educators prepare Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals that are Neurodivergent Affirming.


Tell us about yourself.

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    Speech Therapy

    ClearConvo provides speech therapy to children and adults across Australia via telehealth. We also provide mobile therapy appointments and school sessions for children in Brisbane's Western suburbs.
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