Speech Therapy for Aphasia

Professional and convenient, our online speech therapy sessions eliminate costly travel fees and can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or wherever you might be.
Aphasia depicted by a drawing of an elderly woman using a cane for assistance and attempting to speak to a middle-age woman. A speech bubble indicates that she is having trouble getting her message across as there are scrambled letters. The younger woman has a speech bubble with a question mark, which indicates that a speech therapist is needed.

What is a aphasia?

Aphasia can occur following neurological damage from a stroke or other type of acquired brain injury. Aphasia can severely impact daily communication skills and limit participation in life activities such as:
  • Socialising with family and friends
  • Communicating independently at home and in the community
Long term challenges with communication can result in the loss of close relationships with family and friends which can ultimately lead to social isolation and a poor quality of life.

What are the symptoms of aphasia?​

While each person’s experience with aphasia can differ depending on the nature of their brain injury, people with aphasia may experience challenges with:
  • Thinking of/saying the word they want to use (word finding e.g. naming objects or actions)
  • Speaking in full sentences
  • Repeating what others say
  • Understanding what is said to them
  • Recognising letters and understanding information they read
  • Spelling and written communication
People with aphasia may also have other communication challenges that make it difficult to speak clearly:
  • They may have muscle weakness (dysarthria)
  • They may have challenges in planning speech movements (apraxia)
These speech challenges can impact how easily they can be understood by others.
Aphasia patient being hugged by daughter. This is depicted by a drawing of an elderly woman being hugged by her daughter.

How a speech pathologist can help

Speech pathologists can help people with aphasia in several ways:
  • We can help to improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • We can help to bring together other people who are experiencing similar challenges to practice conversation skills together and build new friendships
  • We can train communication partners around strategies to improve their interactions with people with aphasia for clearer communication
  • We can develop aphasia-friendly or ‘easy-to-read’ materials to help people with aphasia better understand key written and spoken information
  • We can develop low and high technology communication aids to assist people with aphasia in communicating at home and in the community
Telehealth Speech Therapy. A drawing of a speech pathologist waving from her desk with a visible computer monitor with the ClearConvo logo on the screen to indicate that she is providing a telehealth speech therapy session.

What does telehealth Online Speech Therapy look like?

Anyone is a candidate for telehealth speech therapy. At ClearConvo our experienced team will review your history before your initial session to ensure that telepractice is a suitable option for you.
A drawing of a woman sitting at a desk with a computer during a video call.

How  can a speech pathologist can help with literacy skills?

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Evidence Based Practice

At ClearConvo we are committed to professional development and exclusively use the latest evidence-based interventions in collaboration with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Experience You Can Trust

The ClearConvo team is experienced in providing speech pathology treatment and intervention to individuals with aphasia. Andrea, our senior practice leader has been working with individuals with aphasia since 2007. Andrea has provided assessment and intervention in hospitals, homes, schools, and community settings from the sub-acute rehabilitation stage through to the chronic stage for individuals of all ages.
Developing phonological awareness skills
Developing decoding skills
Developing word attack skills
Developing spelling skills
Developing reading fluency skils
Developing comprehension skills
Building understanding of complex grammar and figurative language in writing
Using assistive technology to support reading and writing skills
Developing working memory skills to support reading, spelling, maths and organisation skills
Developing oral and written narrative skills
Developing vocabulary skills
Re-learning how to read when recovering from a stroke or brain injury


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